Stay for free

Please Contact us for further information

Telephone / WhatsApp +41 76 812 00 00

We recognize that together we can make a better world. We are raising awareness of the ongoing mass extinction that is taking place see our website - We are calling for a more common sense response to Covid-19 see our website - As well as working on various other pressing world problems.

We ask for your donation to to help with those efforts.

It is also possible to help simply by visiting. We are looking for people who really care about the world. Your visit could be a casual visit or as a volunteer. For the casual visitor we expect that you somehow further our cause, e.g. by helping us come up with strategies and implementation plans or by using your fame or influence. It is not just work and no fun. You will have plenty of time to relax, to hike and perhaps cook together, visit a spa and to get to know other likeminded people. Just let us know if you are interested by email or using the booking page (you do not have to give definite dates at this stage).

People who can stay for free:

  • Visionaries and thinkers

  • Donors

  • Volunteers

  • Friends