The Outdoor Retreat Iceland

Icelandair offers cheap flights between America and Europe with the possibility of a stopover. In fact it uses Iceland as a hub. Which is a great idea because most Northern hemisphere flights between the continents go next to Iceland anyway so it is simply makes sense to at least stretch your legs in Iceland. Icelandair has an extensive route network that connects you to most major cities in Europe with many destinations in the US and Canada. But you can also choose other airlines that might be even cheaper. The leg between Iceland and the Americas is serviced by much fewer airlines than the leg between Iceland and Europe. Some airlines have more choices in the summer. Play also offers flights between Iceland and America and so will Delta. To Europe you have Arkia, Atlantic Airways, British Airways, CSA, EasyJet, El Al, Air Greenland, Icelandair, Jet2, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Play, SAS, Tui, Transavia, Vueling and Wizz Air - So you could combine two different airlines especially if you have a stop over and have a adventures stay at The Outdoor Retreat Iceland. Of course if you are going to central Europe it makes sense to get a unique alp feeling at The Outdoor Retreat Switzerland.

Here you will information about which countries and cities there are flights to and from Iceland

The Outdoor Retreat is located near the base of Snæfellsjökull volcano / glacier in Iceland - regarded my many as a magical mystical mountain. On the Snaefellsnes peninusula in the village of Rif in the community of Snaefellsbaer

Also in Switzerland

Telephone / WhatsApp for both locations +41 76 812 00 00

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Above the magic of Iceland in winter (Hania Rani "F Major", Performers Mellina Boubetra, Janina Sarantsina and Fanny Sage, Directed by Neels Castillon)

Hania Rani will perform in Kaufleuten Zürich Tuesday the 2nd of November 2021 to celebrate her new album Inner Symphonies

The Outdoor Retreat Iceland, is the perfect place to enjoy one of the most spectacular combined small lake and Glacier / Volcano view. It is a very much loved spot for people who want to discover the pure raw nature of Iceland. You can make a direct reservations using the WhatsApp. It is only possible to book the Iceland property directly e.g. via WhatsApp.

One of our tiny rooms has tatamis on the floor as illustrated in the photo above.

We have converted the living room into a very special tatami sofabed room that can normally sleep 6 or more people at night but be transformed into a comfortable Japanese style living room for the day and evening. The photo shows the day version. This room can accommodate independent individuals, a couple or an entire family or even extended families enabling them to share just one room rather than having to pay for several rooms. There are paravents which give the guests in this section a bit of privacy.

The planned Tatami layout in two rooms. Washitsu means Tatami Room.

The Tatamis have arrived

Obviously it will not be quite like the real Japanese Ryokan (the oldest type of hotel in the world) but will give a modern Scandinavian version of such a relaxed atmosphere hotel and our very own version of a multi use tatami room called washitsu in Japan.

Our tatamis were made in Asia from premium materials such as linen and coconut fiber from over 20000 coconuts. (See the photos from the factory floor below - They have made the trip on a giant environmentally friendly ship which used to be the biggest container ship in the world to Europe.) In Iceland one takes off ones shoes when entering a home. As in Japan it is very important not to enter a tatami room with shoes, only socks.

Emphasis is on comfort such as warm duvets and high thread count linen. Shared access to a nice deck, a glass house, 1.5 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. You should get the feeling of being at home.

The photo from Mt Fuji is not from our place but placed here for illustration. In reality our volcano is towards the side with virtually only nature in-between, lakes and a waterfall.

Guests are inspired by the awesome nature and nice atmosphere. Please read the full description to see if some of my offerings suit you.

Traveler on scenic Icelandic road in Snaefellsnes peninsula of Iceland

The location and scenery is like a dream image of Iceland. (This has to be experienced in person for it can not be merely captured by camera.) Book if you like the full description and agree to the house rules.

Shared access to a sun deck, outside glass room, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. You should get the feeling of being at home.

The living room is a space to relax in, read or simply enjoy the view. In front of the living room is huge sun deck with a greater view and a small glass house. There is one bathroom with a shower, and another with just a toilet. So normally some facility should be free. You have an equipped kitchen at your disposal.

It is the location which makes this FANTASTIC view. (The volcano can be seen on good days from far a field even from Reykjavik. However seeing the mountain so up close and personal makes the difference. The addition of small lakes right by the house and a distant waterfall adds to the magic. To increase your likelihood of enjoying the fantastic view, longer stays are recommended.

Kirkjufell mountain with beautiful aurora borealis and frozen water falls in winter, Iceland. One of the famous natural heritage in Iceland.

This is also a great place to make day trips to any point on the peninsula. (Most trips can be made into round trips where you can take different routes back and forth). This is not a hotel, some things you might like much more and others less. Why not combine self catering and enjoy all the restaurants within driving range nearby.

º Please keep in mind that the reviews may be putting me up on a pedestal. Some people may like me very much. You on the other hand might not like me or might not get the opportunity to get to know me. (I may be there, in Switzerland or enjoying my time off elsewhere). º I prefer guests who are also sociable, but do feel free to keep to yourself all, most or some of the time. I am a big fan of nature, healthy living, music, dancing, massage, reading, hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, swimming and enjoying the company of others. Just communicate clearly when and what you would like to do together. º I am a liberal person who respects the fact that people are different. However if you do not respect others including your travel companion (e.g. your spouse) then please do not stay here or change your attitude. º I sometimes live here and you live here with me for a short time. I would like to have normal interaction with you based on equality. I joke, I express my opinions and I may compliment or criticize you in a good natured way. Our private conversations should remain private.

An Icelandic Horse enjoys the sunset on an autumn evening somewhere on the Snaefellsnes peninsula

Environmentally friendly

Plenty of free parking. In the middle of a bird reserve and exclusive cycling trails. Please visit our birding and biking pages.

Something for most but not everyone

The Outdoor Retreat Iceland is refurbished 1980 and well maintained with some recent renovations. We have something to fit most budgets. But you must in any case be willing to SHARE this apartment.

You can choose a private room, the open space large tatami room or you may want to go a step further in sharing and actually share a room by booking one of the room share categories.

The volunteer programs give you a chance to really help out and save at the same time.

No matter what you book you will be able to enjoy the fantastic views e.g. from the glass house, the patio and the living room. The bedrooms have a view if you look a bit to the side; of the sea and a mountain range or the green (in summer) area across the street.

The rooms have either two mattresses that can be joined together or a small twin/double/queen bed. The living room is a Japanese style tatami semi-private space cordoned off with Japanese paravents suitable for couples, groups, families or even extended families. Beds may be arranged in a different manner depending on the group.

This is a Day Dream Hotel. A place to truly relax with a feeling of being on top of the world.

Inexpensive accommodation, spend the money instead on world class restaurants within short driving distance. This is a great place to begin a new lifestyle without smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse.

Massage might be available. Ideal place to relax or exercise outside and lose weight (remember to consult with your physician before starting on any intensive program). Fantastic place for bird lovers and watchers. Both the linen and the towels are washed at 60 degrees minimum and steamed for extra hygiene. (There are fresh hand towels to dry your hands. There may be lots of instructions and advisory labels placed to the benefit of everyone and to help you make the best use of the facilities.

The Outdoor Retreat Iceland is in a private house.

From Reykjavik / Keflavik you have various ways of getting there.

  • By public transport

  • By rental car (one way options possible if you want to quarantine for example)

  • Private car

  • Hichhike

  • Private plane

IMPORTANT. I want you to get the most out of your vacation. The Outdoor Retreat gives you the chance to stay in an Icelandic house. People are generally very impressed by the view. However, if you do not have a car or you do not come here purely to enjoy the view and/or the outdoors and/or your not equally at ease by yourself or in the company of strangers then this place is probably not for you. For the house may or may not be shared. The public transport is right there but is very infrequent. In school season you may be able to use the school buses for free to get to the nearest villages. When you have a car and you want to visit different places then this is a very nice location for that.

Aerial drone photo of a empty quit road road towards a huge volcanic mountain Snaefellsjokull in the distance, near Snaefellsjokull national park, Iceland. Photo taken in Iceland.