The Outdoor Retreat Worldwide

In addition to our current locations in Switzerland and Iceland we are looking for new properties around the world.

Telephone / WhatsApp for both locations +41 76 812 00 00

Do you have or know of a property that is unused, only partially used or that might be available for use by our charitable organization?

It could be your own property or belong to someone you know.

We have volunteers from around the world that would like to work on our projects such as

Perhaps you yourself would like to contribute as a volunteer, donor or make your place available for volunteers and perhaps regular guests in conjunction with our charity.

You might have a lovely place somewhere and it might suit you even to pool your place with ours and to make yourself feel at home in any of them.

On the other hand if you are looking to invest before inflation takes over your savings we can also pool our resources. We have for example great opportunities in Iceland.

The place we have in Iceland is very popular and we would like to add another and have a couple of very nice properties to choose from. We need your help to make this a reality.

If such an arrangement might suit you let's talk about it.

If you know someone else who it might suit help us establish contact.