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More than 1400 times more people are being killed by the lockdowns than Covid-19 see & which gives you also information on how you can protect yourself, your friends, family and your country / region

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... on our website and seemed pretty upset; Referring to the links above. Our response is that do the math yourself:

If 50 million people starve with an average of 40 years left to live. Bearing in mind that most of the people dying from hunger (as a result of reduced trade due to lockdowns) are children and this is thus probably not an overestimate. We have 2 billion life years lost.

The CDC already based on the limited lockdowns of mid 2020 that life expectancy in the US is shortened by one year on average for the US population. We have no reason to suspect that the impact will be less elsewhere. With the situation having been extended 3 fold and even ignoring the compound effect we can estimate three years of life expectancy lost for everyone on average affected by the lockdowns about 4 billion people and hence 12 billion life years lost.

Adding 2 billion and 12 billion we get 14 billion life years lost and compare that to:

3.3 million which will soon be the death toll by Covid-19 and multiply that by an average of 3 years left to live (We are told that most people dying of Covid have comorbidities that are likely to lead to their death any way) and we get 10 million life years lost.

A 1400 fold difference. 1400 times more life's lost through the lockdowns than from Covid-19 itself. You can nit pick if it is a bit less or more but what is clear is that the lockdowns measures are much worse than the virus itself. Covid-19 is never the less real, but there are demonstrable measures that can and could have been and in rare cases are being taken that prevent most of those deaths as is discussed on the above website.

Note the following quotes are from October 2020. It has only gotten worse since then.

"This is a human crisis. Not only have hundreds of thousands of lives been lost. The lives of billions of people have been disrupted. In addition to the health impacts, COVID-19 has exposed and exacerbated deep inequalities and necessitated difficult decisions for every country and society. The human impacts of lockdowns and suspensions of social and economic activity are disproportionately felt by the most vulnerable countries and segments of the population. Poverty could rise by 420- 580 million people – the first increase in three decades – with 70-100 million at risk of falling back into extreme poverty. " See The UN comprehensive response to Covid

..."At country level, the United Nations is undertaking rapid assessments of violence against women and girls, as well as strengthening access to essential and quality services for women survivors of violence. But current estimates indicate that for every 3 months of lockdown, an additional 15 million women are expected to be subjected to violence. Seven million unintended pregnancies can be expected if the lockdown continues for at least 6 months and an additional 13 million child marriages may consequently take place between 2020 and 2030 that could otherwise have been averted. "

"The Secretary-General has called for major solidarity with developing countries and has issued a series of United Nations policy briefs to help guide Member States and other actors with regard to many of the critical decisions they face, in particular in terms of support to those most in need. He has called for governments to ensure that their decisions are transparent, trusted and understood and that additional measures are undertaken to cushion the impact on people’s lives, their livelihoods and the economy, to minimize inadvertent harms, and to keep human rights considerations to the fore. "

A lockdown is a common term that refers to all the restrictions that have been placed on us. Lockdowns can be strict, loose, rational or irrational. Implementing a lockdown in any form is not just about the restrictions themselves but the fear they place in people of all ages, children, teenagers, young adults, people in their primes, old people and especially sensitive people. Leading to stress and behavior modification that in turn affects other people with more discomfort, addiction and disease.

We raise the following questions:

  • Would it not have been wise to use other methods to strengthen the immune response like the ones recommended by the Helsinki Hospital District?

  • Are the lockdowns worth 20 million child marriages and the suffering they bring? (Child marriages happen because the reduction in trade, pushes families into such poverty that they feel they are compelled to sell their daughters into marriage. A child marriage is a form of slavery and in many cases one of the worst types of rape imaginable.)

  • Are the lockdowns worth 50 million additional women being subject to violence?

  • Are the lockdown worth more than 500 million people being pushed into poverty?

  • Are the lockdown worth 100s of millions of people being pushed into extreme poverty and to the brink of starvation and beyond? Can you imagine you or a parent holding their child in their arm and seeing it die from hunger - it makes us cry; what about you? - now multiply that by 10s of millions.

  • Are the lockdowns worth people loosing their businesses after having put all their life's effort into them? (While the rich get richer)

  • Are the lockdowns worth people not finding friendships and love?

  • Are the lockdowns worth people loosing their jobs and not finding jobs or not finding the right jobs?

  • Are the lockdowns worth the loss of multi culture including multi cultural restaurants?

  • Are the lockdowns worth the millions of people who are going into depression?

  • Are the lockdowns worth the millions of couple breakups?

  • Are the lockdowns worth the millions of child abuse cases?

  • Are the lockdowns worth all the relatively young people who are turning to drugs (both legal and illegal) and alcohol and who will die in much greater numbers with greater prolonged suffering for themselves and everybody connected with them during the years and decades ahead than Covid-19 could ever kill? Shouldn't these dips in population data that we will be seeing be named after the politicians who called for the lockdowns and who choose to ignore what really works against Covid-19. (Referring to reports that use 14 year old data and ignoring all the epidemiolocal evidence just does not cut it.)

We think that the lockdowns are are not worth any of these let alone all of these! What about you? Please help our peaceful fight against this injustice. Contact us to join our effort.

  1. What we ask for is that the authorities immediately (and in addition to any vaccination programs) do what Finland does by supplementing a food item with Vitamin-D and to make recommendations as does the Helsinki Hospital District and now the Irish governments committee on Health. To suggest that people take Vitamin-D supplements based on their skin pigmentation, fat level and lack of exposure to the sun. This will reduce the perceived need for lockdowns.

  2. Also to do what the UN suggests in considering how domestic policies affect the developing countries. We have created this global economy and we can not run away from it just when we think that suits us.

We remind you not to believe everything you hear from a politicians or the media or read on the Internet etc. but to use your common sense to evaluate the information that is available. An example of wrong information is that Vitamin-C helps people with advanced Covid-19, whereas it actually kills them.

For further convincing information see our new website