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We are a place for:

  • Visionaries and thinkers

  • Donors

  • Volunteers

  • Friends of the world

  • Regular guests

The Outdoor Retreat is a very special place that most but not all appreciate.

It is easiest to explain by describing what kind of guest does not like The Outdoor Retreat.

  • People who use public transport and can not walk for an hour up hill.

  • People who must have their own private toilet.

  • People that do not understand that it is a part of ANY rural living where agriculture takes place to smell organic fertilizer particularly when there is a forcast for rain.

  • People who are looking for maximum service.

  • People who are unable to communicate. People who do not seek assistance but instead get a kick out of putting slander on the Internet.

People that might not make a good fit with the place and other guests.

  • People who are just looking to make a tick been there, done that.

  • People who do not appreciate that this is also a home for us and for volunteers .

  • People who are disturbed by bell-less cows, mooing.

  • People who would leave a place with wide open doors and windows.

  • People who are not open minded to alternative lifestyles.

  • People who do not treat their partners with respect.

  • People who use drugs or abuse Alcohol.

What makes The Outdoor Retreat so special.

  • It has one of the most spectacular views you will ever find.

  • Elevation difference of 1400 to 2500 meter in plain sight.

  • Lake and Alp view at the same time or in Iceland Lake, waterfall and Mt Fuji type of view

  • One of the few places where you have a wonderful lake view (normally) without Mosquitoes and normally not many other flies (sometimes more, but often less or none)

  • Centrally located in Europe, On route between North and South Europe and East and West Europe and centrally located in Switzerland with a fantastic micro climate. Days when you can sun bathe in winter. A bit cooler in the summer when it is unbearable in the valleys and cities below.

  • Or on the edge of Europe in Iceland (actually on the American tectonic plate) where the Atlantic Ocean meats the Artic Ocean.

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