The Outdoor Retreat

Between Oberägeri and Rothethurm and near Zürich and Lucern SWITZERLAND and on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula Iceland

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Special relationship

We invite you not just to donate but to really participate in what we are doing if you like. We have an open door not just to donors but anyone who would like to help.


The Outdoor Retreats are inspiring places to visit, to discuss and to come up with and work on solutions. Fantastic views. Comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Feels like being on top of the world.

Working for a better world

In 2020 we contrasted Ireland’s and Finland's success in combating Covid-19. In April 2021 Ireland recommended Vitamin-D for all which led to a zero death rate in May. We are continuing to spread the message which we hope will lead to other countries following suit saving more lives.

Choose your project

  • Combating the loss of Biodiversity

  • Raising awareness of the severe consequences of lockdowns and discrimination

  • Solving the housing problem to give future generations a chance

  • Better International Relations based on the theory of goodwill and not bullying

  • Furthering Equality working with but not canceling old school people

  • Other projects that inspire to be discussed and developed at The Outdoor Retreat

Possibility of an Extended Partnership

In case you have or know someone that has an unused or little used property at some magic location anywhere in the world let's get in contact and see if we can put that property into good use for the benefit of the world.

Simple to donate

With PayPal you can use your credit card to make a secure donation to our Charitable Institute registered as an International Charity in Iceland. Please click on the logo below: