The Outdoor Retreat

 No COVID-19 test required for anyone visiting  Iceland or Switzerland

The Outdoor Retreat Switzerland & Iceland - 3 star homey hotels / guesthouses with fantastic views and mostly 5 star reviews - A charitable place to help with world problems - Stay as a regular guest or stay for free (see what it is all about) and help solve world problems.  You can book or indicate your interest to stay for free directly on our secure booking page.

Telephone / WhatsApp  +41 76 812 00 00

Please note we do not have in-suite toilets

Here is a link to the German version of this site 

The view from our place in Switzerland.  Scroll down for more information about our Swiss location.

The view from our place in Iceland.  We have a separate page with specific information about our Iceland location

How about taking a break from it all and live in the countryside for a while, for example in a small fishing village in Iceland or in the mountains of Switzerland.  We have special offers for people who would like to stay longer and help us with world bettering projects.  

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Photo by Birgir Steinar

You may think you have found the perfect place but is it really?

9 out of 10 think so but this place might not suit you at all.   See what type of people stay.

We are much more than just a place to stay.  In addition to having nice normal guests we welcome to stay for free, those that come as friends, volunteers, influencers or think tankers who would like to discuss with us strategies to save the world.  Our aim is not to have as many guests as possible but rather to have guests that really like what we offer and who like us care about this world.  About such issues as the environment, biodiversity, better international relations, etc.  Please visit our saving the world section for further information or visit our websites and

The Outdoor Retreat guesthouse is on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in ICELAND and between Ober√§geri and Rothenthurm, near Z√ľrich and Lucern in SWITZERLAND

If you are coming as a regular guest you can make a direct reservations using the WhatsApp, the email address above or via our booking page which saves us from paying commission or book via a booking agency.  The location in Iceland can only be booked directly.

The Outdoor Retreat in Switzerland and in Iceland. 

Guests are inspired by the awesome nature and nice atmosphere. Please read the full description to see if some of our offerings suit you.

For people who actually go through this website and know what to expect The Outdoor Retreat has the almost perfect rating of 4.5 / 5.0 on Google which is unusual for a place that has more than just a few reviews.  See especially the "What kind of people stay here" section.  It is probably the view and the hospitality that comes from the heart that makes the difference.  It is however very important to be aware of the limitations of the place including the shared facilities so please read on.

Any profit from this accommodation will go to the biodiversity project, see the banner link below.

By booking direct e.g. by sending a WhatsApp to +41768120000 you can ensure money is not waisted on commission.  But if you prefer you can also book via a booking agency.  If you have a reserved a room with us through a booking agency please confirm your booking using the WhatsApp or the email address above.   For more information about the Iceland location visit the Iceland page.  For more information about the Switzerland location read on here below.

The Outdoor Retreat Switzerland

The Outdoor Retreat, at an elevation of aprox 1000 meters, is the perfect place to enjoy one of the most spectacular combined lake and Alp view. It is a very much loved spot for people who want to discover Switzerland. 

If YOU care?                                                          

...join Biodiversity Vision?                                   

People who visit me at my home which I call The Outdoor Retreat say WOW you are so lucky to live here. The location and scenery is like the dream image people have of Switzerland. (This has to be experienced in person for it can not be merely captured by camera.) Highly recommended by previous guests. Book if you like the full description and agree to the house rules. 

Emphasis is on comfort such as premium mattresses and high thread count linen. Shared access to Balcony Gym, 1.5 bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a pleasant living room. You should get the feeling of being at home. 

The living room has the dining area, cheminée (should only be operated by the host), the office space of the host, two sofas and a comfortable chair to relax in, read or simply enjoy the view. In front of the living room is huge balcony with the same view and the small gym. There is one bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower, and another bathroom without a bathtub or shower. So normally some facility should be free. You have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal.

It is the 1000m elevation and the exact location which makes this FANTASTIC view. (The view is much inferior if you go 1 km in any direction. People who live even closer to the Alps do not have such a great view;) There is a great micro-climate on this south westerly facing slope (sometimes you can even sunbath in January). Enjoy the sun when it is cloudy or foggy in other places such as in Zuerich, Lucern, Zug or in the town of Oberägeri (3Km) downhill. The Outdoor Retreat overlooks lake Aegeri, the pre Alps and the magnificent Alps. On a good day the Jura mountains can also be seen at a distance. To increase your likelihood of enjoying the fantastic view, longer stays are recommended. 

This is also a great place to make day trips from in case you want to explore different parts of Switzerland. (Most trips can be made into round trips where you can take different routes back and forth). (Picture from Zurich Zoo) This is not a hotel, some things you might like much more and others less. Ask, not only for our pillow menu but our mattress and quilt/comforter menu :) Why not combine self catering and enjoy all the restaurants nearby (1 Km plus).

¬ļ Please keep in mind that the reviews may be putting me up on a pedestal. Some people may like me very much. You on the other hand might not like me or might not get the opportunity to get to know me. (I may be away working or enjoying my time off). ¬ļ I prefer guests who are also sociable, but do feel free to keep to yourself all, most or some of the time. I am a big fan of nature, healthy living, music, dancing, massage, reading, hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, swimming and enjoying the company of others. Just communicate clearly when and what you would like to do together. ¬ļ I am a liberal person who respects the fact that people are different. However if you do not respect others including your travel companion (e.g. your spouse) then please do not stay here or change your attitude. ¬ļ I live here and you live here with me for a short time. I would like to have normal interaction with you based on equality. I joke, I express my opinions and I may compliment or criticize you in a good natured way. Our private conversations should remain private.

Environmentally friendly

Eggs and cheese products available direct from the animal friendly farm next door and superb spring water from our own spring, free parking and free high-speed Wi-Fi. 

You can get eggs, cheese (- strong mountain cheese or milder cheese -the cheeses are meticulously cared for daily for 3 to 12 months). We can also provide you with canned food and other non-perishable items. (Milk is available from another farm close by.)

Something for most but not everyone

The Outdoor Retreat is inside a newish (build 2010) two floor apartment.   We have something to fit most budgets. But you must in any case be willing to SHARE this apartment.

You can choose a private room or you may want to go a step further in sharing and actually share a room by booking one of the room share categories. 

The volunteer programs give you a chance to really help out and save at the same time. 

No matter what you book you will be able to enjoy the fantastic views e.g. from the living room, balcony or patio. Of the private rooms, the Alpineview Room has the best view and a private balcony.

My private guests stay for free.  It is nice when they help out at the same time.

The Lakeview has a very nice view over the lake (and normal ceiling height throughout) and the Star Room has a roof window over the main bed facing the clouds, snow, moon or stars.  Although some categories allow you to accommodate a family or even a large group, a normal configuration of the same room for fewer people is likely to have the beds arranged in a totally different manner. Please let us know your preferences e.g. for group/double/king size and/or single beds. 

This is a Day Dream Hotel.  A place to truly relax with a feeling of being on top of the world.  

Wellness Hotel with a small balcony gym.  If you have a car it is only a 30 minute drive to a Swiss Spa with pool, geothermal baths and steam-room / sauna landscape.  (10 minute drive to a brand new swimming pool with a water slide.  30 minute drive to a water park).  This is a great place to begin a new lifestyle without smoking, drugs and abusing alcohol.

Would you like to do some stand up paddling, there is a store in Morgarten and a another one in Unterägeri 

Great massage is available on location. Photography instruction available. Ideal place to relax or exercise outside and lose weight (remember to consult with your physician before starting on any intensive program). Professional rowing exercise equipment. Lots and lots of hiking trails (hiking trail sign post right outside). Boat trips available nearby from end of April. Both the linen and the towels are washed at 60 degrees minimum. (There are fresh hand towels (orange) to dry your hands, yellow towels to wipe the kitchen, pink towels to wipe the bathroom sinks and blue towels for the floor. There are lots of instructions and advisory labels placed to the benefit of everyone and to help you make the best use of the facilities. 

The Outdoor Retreat shares a house (not the apartment) with a farmer's family. Outside there are cows (without bells), ducks, cats and chickens. You can (as mentioned before) buy cheese and eggs direct from the farmer. The Outdoor Retreat is bordered by probably one of the best outdoor areas frequented by people from Zurich. (The neighborhoods of Rothenthurm and the Rothenthurm High Moor, Steinstoss, Morgarten Mountain, Sattel, Hoch Sattle and Sankt Jost. Restaurants can be found in 10 directions, Steinstoss (4 Km), Sankt Jost (2 Km), Ländli (2 Km), Eierhals (1 Km), Oberägeri (3 Km), Morgarten (3 Km), Raten (4 Km), Rothenthurm (5 Km) Unterägeri (6 Km) and Sattel (7 Km). Ideal for hiking, cycling, snow shoeing, water sports and cross country or downhill (Sattle) skiing. Einsiedeln, Bar, Altdorf, Morschach (Spa only 30 min away), Brunnen, Seewen, Schwyz, Schindellegi, Wollerau, Richterswil, Wädenswil, Pfäffikon (Water park 30 min away), Rapperswil-Jona are the towns that are close by. Zuerich, Zug and Lucerne are the close by cities. Almost any activity that a country has to offer can be found within a reasonable driving distance. As this is a very central location in Switzerland; It may me most convenient for you to stay here your whole time while you are in Switzerland. People often take day trips from here to Liechtenstein, Rhinefalls, Andermatt, Interlaken, Lucerne and Zurich. People frequently make this their chosen stop and a place to recuperate on their grand European tour where their next destination may be Florence, Milano, Paris, Munich, Prag or Vienna.

IMPORTANT. I want you to get the most out of your vacation. The Outdoor Retreat gives you the chance to stay in a Swiss dream apartment. People are generally very impressed. However, if you do not have a car or you do not come here purely to enjoy the view and/or the outdoors and/or your not equally at ease by yourself or in the company of strangers then this place is probably not for you. For the apartment may and probably will be shared. It is 3 Km downhill to the nearest public transport (uphill coming back). When you have a car and you want to visit different places then this is a very nice location for that as well. 50 minutes to Zurich, Lucerne and Baden. 20 minutes to Zug. Just over one hour to Andermatt, Chur, Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany. Two hours to Lugano and Italy.   As in any rural or sub-urban environment that is farmed in Switzerland expect that the nearby fields may be organically fertilized with the associated smell.  There is very little smell from the farm next to us, but when a neighboring farm applies fertilizer this may smell,  this is most likely to happen when the farmer expects rain and is reduced again when it rains .  If this a problem for you, your best option is to stay inside a city, but you will be missing out on the beautiful nature.

In Switzerland we have a great microclimate on our south facing slope.  It is sometimes as if we were at a different location on the globe, as if we were in Egypt.   This happens in the spring and autumn when the angle of the mid day or early afternoon sun is perpendicular to our sloping mountain.  The columns of air heat up and if there is little or no wind to mix the air from surrounding areas then it gets comfortably hot.  In fact one can often sunbath, even in January / February.  In high summer the temperature does not exceed being comfortably warm as the sunrays are spread over a wider area and because of the 1000 meter elevation.  We also have the benefit of being at the receiving end of the Foehn (the hairdryer), a warm wind coming from the Mediterranean.  We are often above the clouds as well as the pollution that plague some of the cities of Switzerland.  The end result is that often when the towns and cities at lower elevation are too cold or too warm or foggy or hazy it may be perfect weather up here.  In fact when one lives here in winter one does not even miss the warmth of the summer.  This does not mean that it never gets cold, but rather if one stays long enough one will get unbelievably warm days when one least expects it.    Usually we have a clear view of the Alps, but if you stay just one night you might not get to see them.     In the future we will have information about our air quality in Switzerland, but please note that this is distorted by some neighbors use of their fireplaces.  (We simply close our windows when that happens).   

We did an experiment moving the measuring equipment to Munich Nymphenburg

It was clear that the air pollution that one can not really smell and is in a certain way the most dangerous -because it passes the lung barrier and goes directly into your blood stream with the potential of affecting every cell in your body-  is considerably higher in the city then at The Outdoor Retreat Switzerland and of course much higher than at The Outdoor Retreat Iceland.